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90-Days to Light Inner Flame: Community, Accountability, Healing

Ignite Your Intuition is a community. It’s a gathering of people who are seeking connection, want accountability, and need a sounding board for integrating growth. Those who join will be part of the co-creation and the group will only expand as much as you’re willing to be vulnerable and commit to showing up for yourself and others. You’ll walk away with a deeper sense of community, a better understanding of yourself, and a stronger connection to your intuition.

This group is for you if:
🔥 There’s confusion, worry or doubt about your wants/needs/goals/dreams/desires
🔥 You want to make connections and cultivate friendships with like-minded people
🔥 Learning new healing modalities and personal development techniques excites you
🔥 A weekly check in to connect with yourself could benefit you and support your growth
🔥 Hearing from others experiences helps you to not feel so alone in your thoughts/worries/ideas/experiences

What You’ll Get:
✔️3 calls per month
✔️3 Cultivating Conscious Community event access
✔️3 month commitment
✔️ Surprises along the way

This group is closed for 2021 and will reopen again in 2022.


Submit your information below to get notified when open enrollment for the next Ignite Your Intuition Group program begins!

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