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Read on to hear from past Trust Your Truth graduates, Reiki trainees, and energy healing clients.

Trust Your Truth

Reiki Training

"The Reiki II attunement with Rebecca was a beautiful experience. Her heart-centered approach helped me to feel supported throughout the training while also having fun tapping into a new healing modality. Taking the leap to do a training like this can feel intimidating, but Rebecca has such a calm, loving spirit that it encourages you to be more of your authentic self. I feel grateful to have her light in my life."

- Brie M.

Reiki Energy Healing

Kathy, R.

"This experience has been a lightning bolt for me…has shown me I must be kind to myself and slow and steady wins my race.  Physically and emotionally.  I will continue my work and I feel more at peace every day.  That’s my goal.  Thank you for your beautiful self and sharing your wisdom beyond your years.”
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